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Regenerative Medicine Clinic

The Regenerative Medicine Clinic employs a team of scientists and medical practitioners with knowledge in both allopathic medicine and natural medicine.

The Regenerative Clinic has extensive experience and expertise in age related and degenerative diseases and embryonic stem cell therapy. The clinic is the number one choice in Europe for treating a range of ailments and ageing conditions using embryonic stem cell technology derived in an ethically compliant manner from the patient’s own skin cells

Located in Cyprus, the Regenerative Clinic provides a perfect environment for you in which to relax and regenerate.

The Regenerative Clinic derives Embryonic Stem Cells from skin cells and treatment cost is at the lower to middle end of the cost range above. For treatments that require a whole-body approach, costs will be at the upper end of the scale – such as stem cell treatment for Crohn’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Individual treatment of any patient involves diagnosis, generating the embryonic stem cells from your skin cells, re-administering the embryonic stem cells into your body, and post treatment monitoring and follow up.

The Regenerative Clinic uses stem cells derived from the patient’s own body. This avoids the risk of the patient’s immune system attacking the implanted cells as invaders, known as graft versus host disease (GVHD).

Examples of treatment of age-related conditions using stem cells include knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, tennis elbow, arthritis and cartilage defects. However, there is potential for hESC Therapy to ‘home in on’ any area of injury within the body and assist in its regeneration and recovery, proffering a cure for many long-term chronic conditions associated with ageing.

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