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Stem Cell Therapy Results

Over the last five years of Stem Cell Treatment, in practice, most patients who received Embryonic Stem Cells to treat a specific ailment, noticed a feeling of renewal and energy, with specific beneficial side-effects after a few injections.

Stem Cell Therapy Results

Some had thicker hair and improved skin. Some women were not post-menopausal anymore. Men commented on having increased libido. All subjects indicated they felt they had renewed energy. This study of the anti-ageing effect of Embryonic Stem Cells was conducted on people between 50 and 70 years of age. All were individuals who had no major illnesses. Prior to the study, the subjects went through a cleanse protocol to remove toxins so that the Embryonic Stem Cells could be fully utilised to help the body to repair itself.

Embryonic Stem Cells were administered once a month. The participants were not asked to change their diet, lifestyle or exercising habits.

Several hormonal markers were measured during the study as well as their leucocyte telomere length. The telomere is the DNA-protein complex on the end of our chromosomes that are described as one of the best biological markers of ageing.

The shorter the Telomeres are, the lessresponsive our cells become and the more we age.

All the 15 patients who enrolled in the study described a marked improvement in their energy levels.

Blood tests showed an increase of testosterone and estrogen for a majority of subjects. Within the last 6 months of the one-year study, they all had their telomere length increase by an average of 14%.

  • This clearly showed that, independent of the biological age they had at the beginning of the study, they all had a reversing of their biological age at the DNA level by the end of the study period.In a separate series of experiments at the University of Buffalo, Embryonic Stem Cells (an embryonic stem cell gene named Nanog) were demonstrated to revive dormant cellular processes, strengthening weak bones, clogged arteries and other tell-tale signs of ageing.

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