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Anti-ageing treatment

Anti-ageing treatment means increasing our personal lifespan through:

  1. Our own lifestyle choices,
  2. Advances in Genetic medicines (treatments designed specifically for our own genetic inheritance),
  3. Advances at the cellular level, in improving how our cells reproduce.

Our cells are dying and being renewed all the time. But as we age, our cells stop reproducing and re-growing. This is the ageing process to which we are all subject, but this ageing process can be slowed with anti-ageing treatments.

We are all celebrating how the human lifespan has improved. Yet this of no use if we all suffer a longer old age suffering from chronic ill-health and a general slowing down.

In 1800 the average lifespan of humans worldwide was 40. Around 1900 it had increased by all of 5 years, to 45. By 2000 lifespan had jumped to 75 for men. A significant jump, you’ll agree. But little of  this increase in longevity was a result of new anti-ageing treatments, it was mostly down to preventing infant deaths.

  • People were not all dropping dead in their 40’s 100 years ago. They were dying in childhood instead!  For those who made it adulthood, average lifespan has not really increased. Deaths in early childhood reduced from 10% in 1900 to 0.6% now. Strip out improvements in infant mortality and there has not been such a dramatic reduction in ageing as the 75 years ‘average lifespan’ for males suggests.

All this is now changing, for those who make the right choices. Lifestyle changes, genetic treatments, and stem cell treatments taken together, will genuinely provide anti-ageing treatments that will make a select few of us (initially only a select few will make these choices) live longer and healthier lives.

Already we know that lifestyle choices can have an ageing or an anti-ageing effect. Yet few of us are strict enough. Keeping fit and healthy requires self-discipline and will. Those of us who are unfit or allow ourselves to become unhealthy by our lifestyle choices will not be in the select few who successfully adopt anti-ageing treatments. All anti-ageing treatment is a choice.

Add in information on genetics and knowledge of how we can avoid diseases we are prone to, and we further improve our understanding of the anti-ageing treatments available to us. Add in medical advances at the cellular level for yet another leap forward in anti-ageing therapies that will one day be open to all.

  • The effect of new anti-ageing therapies is likely to be at least as dramatic as the effect reduced infant mortality had on average lifespans over the last 100 years. However, in the early years, this will ONLY apply to those individuals choosing to combine lifestyle changes with everything modern ant-ageing therapies have to offer.  

In the beginning, only a select few individuals will choose to benefit. If only a few make the necessary lifestyle and treatment choices, average lifespans across the whole population may not increase. This means it will take a little longer for modern anti-ageing treatments to have an effect on the population as a whole, as it will be a while before the general population adopt anti-ageing treatments. But you can make that choice now.

For now, anti-ageing treatments will be for a few people who ‘select themselves’ – people who recognise they can increase their own lifespan, using modern stem cell treatment and tailor made genetic treatments and who are prepared to improve their lifestyle choices.


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