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Thank you for visiting our site – the site is owned and operated by Olga Gover (trading as Stem Cells One).

You can contact the site administrator at the following email address which is not necessarily the email address for enquiries click here to email: All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for viruses as are any documents sent to us.

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We do not store your details online, in the cloud or in any online services.

  • Any enquiry details or booking details are only stored in our offline, encrypted database.
  • If you are completing any online form “By giving us your details you are allowing us to send you information relating to your enquiry and any other information from Stem Cells One, from time to time that we may think relevant to you – offers/discounts and our periodical newsletter.
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  • When you enquire we will add you to our database, this helps us monitor what marketing sources work for us, and for us to respond to your enquiry using the information you have provided. You may remove yourself from our database and newsletters at any time by emailing

We do not share, sell or use your information for any other purpose. Your details are not stored on our website or webserver and all enquiries made via this site go through our encypted SSL site which is secure and does not store your details.

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